Guilty Gear X2 # Reload

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Guilty Gear X2 # Reload

Post  EVANdersar on Sun Sep 19, 2010 5:13 pm

Guilty Gear X2 # Reload [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Hardware Requirements
Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
Pentium III 700 MHz
128 MB of RAM
2.1 GB of free hard disk space
DirectX 8.0 compatible video card with 32 MB of RAM
DirectX 8.0 compatible sound card

Guilty Gear XX​ (ギルティギア イグゼクス, Giruti Gia Iguzekusu,? pronounced "Guilty Gear Igzex"), also known in some localized releases as Guilty Gear X2 and subtitled The Midnight Carnival, is the third full installment in the Guilty Gear series of fighting games. First released in 2002, it has since received three updated versions. GGXX furthered the plot of the series and introduced new characters and gameplay mechanics. The graphics also appeared to be notably improved. It was much more commercially successful than its predecessor, Guilty Gear X.

A notable change to the mechanics of the previous games is the "False Roman Cancel", or "Force Roman Cancel" as it is called in Λ Core, which is similar to the "Roman Cancel" available in previous games, but generally requires much more precise timing, and is only possible with certain moves. False Roman Cancels require only 25% tension, can be performed even if the move does not hit (including projectiles), and generally are used for offensive pressure or mixup.

Air Throws now are possible, and one can grab Recovering characters and even Burst Attacks. Also, Aerial Dust is available now.

This game may also have to skip cutscenes, either winning or losing the game, and the beginning of the battle.

Testament and Dizzy make their first appearances as non-boss characters (and are therefore legal in competitive play). In addition there are five entirely new characters, four of which are available to start with.(all characters are available at the start of the game.)

* I-No is a strange, guitar-playing woman who works for That Man, the creator of the gears. She is the boss of the arcade version of the game, but is also a playable character from the start, albeit less powerful. She is the first boss character thusly playable in a Guilty Gear game so far.
* Bridget is a young, androgynous bounty hunter, who has set out to prove his masculinity.
* Zappa is an Australian man, who has been possessed by ghosts, and seeks a cure for his mysterious ailment, despite being oblivious of its true nature.
* Slayer is the previously unmentioned founder of the assassin's guild, and is also the only vampire featured in the series.
* Robo-Ky is a robotic version of Ky Kiske, and apparently was built by and works for the Post-War Administration Bureau, generally appearing to enforce their will.
* Two additional characters (Justice & Kliff) can be unlocked when reaching level 480 in survival mode.

GGXX picks up the story approximately two weeks after the events of GGX. The plot threads are character-driven, but most of the conflict is sparked by either I-No and her quest to destroy all perceived threats to her master, or Robo-Ky, and the Post-War Administration Bureau's agenda. Most characters encounter That Man at some point in their story paths. Some sort of conflict appears to be mounting between various organizations.

Guilty Gear XX #Reload​ (ギルティギア イグゼクス シャープリロード, Giruti Gia Iguzekusu Shāpu Rirōdo,? pronounced "guilty gear igzex sharp reload") was released in 2003. #Reload was intended to further balance high-level play. Many moves were altered, from slight tweaks in speed and damage to almost complete reworkings in some cases, False Roman Cancel points were added, and notably, Robo-Ky was changed entirely, made playable from the beginning, and considered tournament-legal from then on. In actuality, two versions were released, the first being referred to as "Red Reload." Red Reload contained many errors and was quickly revised and redistributed, this time widely called "Blue Reload."

The soundtrack for the Korean version of the game was composed by Korean musician Shin Hae Chul, and features a darker tone to the music, with some techno influences and more focus on the rhythm of the music rather than melody. However, the rock/thrash/metal theme of the series' music remains in this soundtrack, as well.

The Windows version of the game was based on the PlayStation 2 game, but added an extra movie in gallery mode. The Xbox version contains an extra movie as well. Online versus play is available thanks to fan-based patches.