Football Manager 2010

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Football Manager 2010

Post  EVANdersar on Wed Sep 01, 2010 11:09 am

Football Manager 2010 [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

o OS: Windows XP, Vista or 7
o Processor: Supported processers include Intel Pentium 4, Intel Core, and AMD Athlon. 1.4 GHz or faster required when running Windows XP, 2.0 GHz or faster required when running Windows Vista or 7
o Memory: 512 MB RAM when running Windows XP, 1.0 GB RAM when running Windows Vista
o Graphics: 128 MB video card with the following supported chipsets: Nvidia FX 5900 Ultra or greater; ATI Radeon 9800 or greater; Intel 82915G/82910GL or greater. Earlier cards may only display 2D Match Viewer Mode and are not supported. Laptop versions of these chipsets may work but are not supported.
o DirectX: Version 9.0c (included)
o Hard Drive: 2 GB free space
o LAN: TCP/IP compliant
o Input: Keyboard, mouse

Football Manager 2010 is the latest iteration of the world’s best selling football management simulation series. Developed by multi award-winning studio Sports Interactive, Football Manager™ 2010 is slated to release on October 30th, 2009.

* Polish — Making the game faster, more immersive, more realistic and easier to play with better in game feedback and more advice.
* Improved Match Engine — Improved AI, over 100 new animations in 3D mode, better lighting, improved pitch degradation, stadiums and crowds.
* Match Analysis — A match analysis tool that shows you where shots, passes, crosses, headers, tackles, fouls and interceptions have happened for both sides, both live in game, and post match, allowing you to work out your, and your opponents, strengths and weaknesses.
* New GUI — A new look to the game, and a new way of control – gone is the side menu, to be replaced by an easier to use tab system, with everything at your finger tips.
* Tactics — A new tactics module, making it much easier to make your team play as you want them to, with thousands of possible pre-set options, touchline shouts for easily changing things around, and instant changes. (the old system is still there for people who love their sliders).
* News Center — A subscription based newspaper. Get the news about the football world around you that you want, and not the news you don’t want.
* New Data Editor — A brand new data editor. Not only has the functionality and ease of editing data improved, we are also proud to announce that you can now add competitions and extra levels for leagues currently in the game, and add completely new competitions and leagues all via a very simple to use editor.
* And more... There are still load of additional features, both big and small, to announce for FM2010. Stay tuned!